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Thank you for visiting our website. exhibition is a division of a large design and printing company called Bigprinting. The exhibition boards division, as you may expect print a wide range of display boards. We use both digital and screen facilities to produce exhibition boards for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our exhibition boards are produced from materials such as foamex boards, corex boards, forex boards, acrylic boards, display boards to name but a few. Our near photographic quality flatbed printers ensure your exhibition boards will be of the highest standard while keeping the price very competetive. If we can help with any exhibition boards, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Corex Exhibition Boards

Corex exhibition boards are the ideal boards for short-term outdoor signage. It’s likely that you see corex exhibition boards on a daily basis as they’re the printed board of choice for property “for sale” signs, usually attached to wooden stakes. They’re also the most popular choice of exhibition boards for fairs, sales, building sites etc.

Corex exhibition boards are fully waterproof and extremely lightweight, making them easy to store. use flatbed digital technology to print direct onto corex and therefore offer a near photographic quality print while keeping the price competitive for as little as one printed board.

If you have any enquiries about our corex exhibition boards pleased phone the Bigprinting office and ask for the exhibition boards department

Foamex Exhibition Boards

Many companies in the print industry talk about foamex exhibition boards with a number of descriptions – some regard foamex exhibition boards as being a rigid printed board, some as a soft foam centred printed board. Foamex is actually the name of the manufacturer of board and we sell the soft foam centred board. If it’s a rigid printed board you’re after check out our Forex exhibition boards section.

Foamex exhibition boards are really lightweight with a completely smooth surface on either side, with a foam centre. They’re ideal for exhibition displays, office displays and in-fact should be first choice for any internal, short term printed board usage. We use digital flatbed technology to print direct  onto foamex exhibition boards, providing a near photographic quality print, short turn-around while keeping our prices very competitive.

If you have any enquiries about our foamex exhibition boards pleased phone the Bigprinting office and ask for the exhibition boards department.

Forex Exhibition Boards

 Forex exhibition boards are often confused with foamex exhibition boards. The difference is Forex exhibition boards are rigid, while Foamex exhibition boards are soft and lightweight. Forex exhibition boards are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They’re often known as PVC sign boards and are strong whilst lightweight. They are a more long term option to foamex boards and usually wall mounted with screws either framed or unframed.

Forex exhibition boards are often used for company building signs, information boards, hoardings, event signage. As with our other exhibition boards they’re printed using digital flatbed technology, with a near photographic quality print. At we offer an extremely quick turn-around while keeping our prices very competitive.

MDF Exhibition Boards

MDF exhibition boards are often used for large heavy duty, long term signage.

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